My Story

His four daughters


“I am a lifestyle blogger and a volunteer advocate for women’s rights, girl child education and youth participation in Politics. Though we are from the north, my father has always inspired me to go for what I want and believe in. You know, as a woman if you have an idea for your life, different from the norm, you face so much opposition and your opinion matters less. My father did not want that for his four daughters.” #AbujaNigeria #IAmAWomanAndICan


Helen Clark

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“No country will reach its full potential if its female citizens do not enjoy full equality.” – Helen Clark

Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand who served in the position three successive terms, is the present 8th administrator of the United Nations Development Programme. She started her career as a lecturer at the University of Auckland after her graduation there before going into politics. Helen Clark is presently in a race for the election of the 9th United Nations Secretary General along with eight other contestants. #WomanCrushWednesday

My Story

Women to participate in politics


“It is good for women to participate in politics. There are issues peculiar to us that men cannot understand. A good example is childbirth. Political participation is a means for citizens to be productive and add value to their country or state. Women make up fifty percent of the world population. Imagine that whole lot not being productive? I know there are hindrances, one of which is cultural values that have ‘set’ roles for men and women. Then there is also the belief that working women ignore their home front. I don’t know about that because I am a good mother and still able to perform my duties as the special adviser to a state governor.” #AbujaNigeria

My Story

Cultural background of the people


“Gender distribution of role in the Nigerian society, especially in the north, is very bad. Looking at the cultural background of the people help a lot in understanding how to deal with issues they encounter. For instance land ownership is basically a male territory, a woman can only buy or own a land if a man stands for her. This happened to me.

I am a professional program manager and rights advocate working for a non-governmental organization. We work with over one hundred and ninety eight communities across twelve northern states. My role is basically to support these communities so they are mobilized in a bid to identify key developmental issues affecting their rights.” #AbujaNigeria

My Story

To make the marriage work


“I was privileged to go for Hajj last year and was teamed up with a group of women I did not know from Adam but because we were in the same tent we got talking. They were all married for long and I was like baby of the tent when it came to my seven years of marriage. I was teaching them simple gestures to the husband. Yes, you both have long day working but someone has to swallow their pride to make the marriage work. Give your husband a massage, cook up his favorite meal and welcome him home warmly. Those are the little things no one will teach you but you have to teach yourself. But if you genuinely like the man you should be able to make the effort. It is not rocket science.” #KanoNigeria

My Story

The money I make



“I hawk fura da nono. My brother buys the milk from Wambai market in Kano while my mother makes the fura at home. She teaches me how to make the fura. It is made from millet. I have been hawking it every market day for four years. I give the money I make to my mother. It is her money but she buys everything I need.” #KanoNigeria