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International Women’s Day

Sometimes as women, we stand in our own way. We embrace the obstacles created by the norms of our society. Obstacles garmented in “you can’ts, you shouldn’ts”. Thankfully through time so many women have stepped out of the boundaries created by these obstacles and gave more women the courage to do the same.

To every woman, may we grow better every day to positively affect the lives around us.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Yardstick for measuring success

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Ask a thousand people what success means to them. Most will quickly say financial stability, forgetting that money is not always the yardstick for measuring success. We often forget that every growth or achievement in our life is a success.  Everyone is a success but in different ways. What is your success?


Before the green light


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Are you restless? Applied for a job, school or anything else (and you are waiting)? Yes, welcome to the waiting phase. The yellow light can go on for what seems like forever and you just can’t do anything before the green light. Do not fret. It is actually a good phase as you can develop yourself or improve your skills in the process. So, what aspect of your life would you like to start with?