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Women to participate in politics


“It is good for women to participate in politics. There are issues peculiar to us that men cannot understand. A good example is childbirth. Political participation is a means for citizens to be productive and add value to their country or state. Women make up fifty percent of the world population. Imagine that whole lot not being productive? I know there are hindrances, one of which is cultural values that have ‘set’ roles for men and women. Then there is also the belief that working women ignore their home front. I don’t know about that because I am a good mother and still able to perform my duties as the special adviser to a state governor.” #AbujaNigeria


14 thoughts on “Women to participate in politics

  1. Women share a particular world view that differs from men’s – one that encompasses peace and positive change. I have always thought women to be the more powerful change agents in the world, as they have their children’s future at heart. Of course, there are always exceptions, but without a woman’s voice involved how does equality ever really happen?

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  2. A friend once asked if I think it is a good idea for Nigeria to have a woman president. My response was that given what we have seen from the 60’s, absolutely we are more than ready for a woman president and many more women leaders in public offices – if we truly want to see more positive change

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    1. I absolutely agree with you. Evident from Nigeria’s political experience both past and present, a female president and more women in public offices should be bring positive change.

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