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Cultural background of the people


“Gender distribution of role in the Nigerian society, especially in the north, is very bad. Looking at the cultural background of the people help a lot in understanding how to deal with issues they encounter. For instance land ownership is basically a male territory, a woman can only buy or own a land if a man stands for her. This happened to me.

I am a professional program manager and rights advocate working for a non-governmental organization. We work with over one hundred and ninety eight communities across twelve northern states. My role is basically to support these communities so they are mobilized in a bid to identify key developmental issues affecting their rights.” #AbujaNigeria


10 thoughts on “Cultural background of the people

  1. The issue of land ownership is one that is very close to my heart. I think Nigerian women must find a way to work together collectively. Although it seems that women in the north are more affected (given a male figure has to stand in for them to purchase land) but in reality land inheritance from family and husband is a big issue in the south as well where widows are deemed unsuitable to own their parent’s or husband’s land.

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