My Story

She believes in me


“I was working elsewhere but had to leave. A customer turned big sister, visited my former place of work and on learning that I left, called me up and offered me a new job. She believes in me and that means a lot to me. I am married with two children, a boy and a girl. My new job is resourceful. And I am working hard towards starting a creche in the future.” #KanoNigeria

My Story

For almost 50 years


“I have been making Alkaki for almost 50years. It is a local delicacy made with wheat, water, cooking oil, sugar and honey. My mother taught me though I started making it for sale after I got married. All my children gained from it. I now live with my eldest son and his wife has learnt from me. She helps out with making it these days. There is a young man who comes to buy it in bulk 3 times a week. He sells it in the city. Families also place orders for wedding and naming ceremonies.”#KanoNigeria

My Story

To make the marriage work


“I was privileged to go for Hajj last year and was teamed up with a group of women I did not know from Adam but because we were in the same tent we got talking. They were all married for long and I was like baby of the tent when it came to my seven years of marriage. I was teaching them simple gestures to the husband. Yes, you both have long day working but someone has to swallow their pride to make the marriage work. Give your husband a massage, cook up his favorite meal and welcome him home warmly. Those are the little things no one will teach you but you have to teach yourself. But if you genuinely like the man you should be able to make the effort. It is not rocket science.” #KanoNigeria