To the world

300 Amazing Followers

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”- G. B. Stern

300 followers? And on the blog’s third month anniversary?? Wow!!! I am too excited and a little worried about expressing my gratitude properly. Your support and appreciation of this blog is overwhelming. Thank you all very much. I can’t thank everyone of you enough.

I started this blog with a crawl (and still crawling) and a very vague sketch of ‘how to’. But with every woman’s story shared and your support, the purpose of this blog is clearer and strengthened. I am a woman and I can is not a blog for just women but everyone with a  mother, wife, daughter, sister and female friend.

You all matter. You all are amazing people by encouraging this blog with your likes and very kind comments on each post. Thank you all very much.

May the women in our lives never cease to inspire us.



35 thoughts on “300 Amazing Followers

  1. Congrats! I am newbie at WordPress and an ex blogspot blogger. When I get to 300 followers the spasms will be too strong and I will probably die without knowing how great I could be 😦 Ok bye lol

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  2. Thank you for the follow ant he likes. I know I posted poems that were written in my own dialect, I just hope you found ways to read it with ease. My gratitude 🙂

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