My Story

It puts food on my table


“I am gathering the fire woods I will use to make dinner tonight. I am cooking for myself. I am a widow and my two daughters are married. I just left the house where I work. I sweep their house and do their dishes. And it puts food on my table.”#Kano, Nigeria


32 thoughts on “It puts food on my table

  1. thank you, my friend, for continuing to be a voice for so many … I admire you and your posts offer a much needed insight into day to day life … I AM honoured to have ‘met’ you, and I am sharing your work and your blog with many comrades and friends and family … Please continue to be your caring and humane and inspirational self and thank you THANK YOU, and I mean this from the depths of my heart.

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  2. I have put a link to you blog on scribbled verse. I hope many many more people visit your blog, my friend … Hugs and warmest wishes and more from me. Take care and stay well.

    I remain respectfully,


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