My Story

The bricklayers did not come out to eat


“The bricklayers did not come out to eat early yesterday. By the time I finished selling the food to them, I was late for Islamic school. I took the money home to my mother but while hurrying to Islamic school I fell down and hurt my nose. I am praying they come to eat early today.” #KanoNigeria

My Story

The money I make



“I hawk fura da nono. My brother buys the milk from Wambai market in Kano while my mother makes the fura at home. She teaches me how to make the fura. It is made from millet. I have been hawking it every market day for four years. I give the money I make to my mother. It is her money but she buys everything I need.” #KanoNigeria

To the world

300 Amazing Followers

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”- G. B. Stern

300 followers? And on the blog’s third month anniversary?? Wow!!! I am too excited and a little worried about expressing my gratitude properly. Your support and appreciation of this blog is overwhelming. Thank you all very much. I can’t thank everyone of you enough.

I started this blog with a crawl (and still crawling) and a very vague sketch of ‘how to’. But with every woman’s story shared and your support, the purpose of this blog is clearer and strengthened. I am a woman and I can is not a blog for just women but everyone with a  mother, wife, daughter, sister and female friend.

You all matter. You all are amazing people by encouraging this blog with your likes and very kind comments on each post. Thank you all very much.

May the women in our lives never cease to inspire us.


My Story

I have never attended a western school


“I have never attended a western school. When other girls were taken to primary school, my father took me to an Islamic school. I am not learning any trade but I do hawk for my mother every morning before going to school. After every sale she saves some of the money towards buying clothes and shoes for me. I also assist her with house chores.” #KanoNigeria