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The highlights of my life in 2015!

2015 is a good year (I have some hours left of it). And I can’t help but share personal details of my life.
I got my third nephew. I was a sole survivor in a fatal car accident. I became a freelance writer again…after a long break. I completed my post graduate studies and applied for another. I started this blog, met you all, read amazing posts and made a whole new loyal friends. I started writing a book. And, I learnt a few important lessons, the hard way I daresay, that will be very helpful tools in 2016.
I know you all had great moments in 2015 and look forward to 2016 with more anticipation (like I am). May 2016 birth us all happiness, harmony and love.
Happy New Year beautiful people!


58 thoughts on “The highlights of my life in 2015!

      1. Thank you dear… i saw a post about your biodreams and what you’ve become now, a sole survivor of an auto crash… I cannot remind the tittle of the post. please can you assist me here?. Thank you dear.


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