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I wanted to become a medical doctor


“I was attending primary school before my father stopped me in my primary four. The primary school was in a village that is far from ours. Now I fully attend Islamic school to learn Quranic recitations. I wanted to become a medical doctor before I left school. Now I will teach other women Quranic recitations after my graduation.” #KanoNigeria


26 thoughts on “I wanted to become a medical doctor

    1. I can’t even make my stuo-ebroght refrigerated rolls look right much less make them on my own! How totally amazing is this recipe and post! Congrats girl because this is a job well done


  1. Interestingly my first reaction was sadness that this little girl could not follow her dream. Then I thought, is it possible that God had a different purpose for this child? Sometimes we view life from a simplistic vision. Our abilities to “see” only extend as far as our human potential permits. My emotional brain remains saddened for this child, but my enteric (gut) brain believes that God’s purpose for this child will be accomplished.
    Thank you for sharing this story.

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  2. Very inspiring and interesting blog. My girlfriend is from Maiduguri and too is an aspiring doctor – however has settled here in the UK. I wish you all the success in your future


  3. It is sad that it is the destiny of so many little girls not to be able to fulfill their dreams – just because they are girls. We can only hope that we can change this if we keep trying. Thank you for sharing your poignant story.

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  4. Oh this just makes recall the few I’ve met that aspire greatly but for one circumstances or the other, are left to do the average not letting them live out those dreams as a result of early-girl marriages. How sad? Just hope she finds peace with this. That’s the main idea.
    Much love, George

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