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Getting my daughters’ married


“This is where I make my beans cake every morning. I started long before I got married. That was years ago. And ever since I began, money has never been an issue for me. I give God all the glory because from making beans cake I have been able to cater for my children and family members’ needs over the years. I am grateful my husband did not stop me when he married me, it would have been difficult getting my daughters married. You know as the mother, I have to buy the kitchen utensils and pay for bridal care for my daughters.” #KanoNigeria



12 thoughts on “Getting my daughters’ married

  1. It seems that we had the same life experience when it comes to cake. I used to be cake seller when I was a child and coming into puberty, I worked until I entered college. I got married between 18-19 and got my first child on the same year. But, I do still go for study half and a year later. I was lucky enough to have many teachers and professor friends who supported and helped me in this time when they know I am a freshly new Mommie.

    Now, my husband and I are successful in our ambulance firm and hoping that the business will always go boom into the future. One can never know since the world economy gone down the drain …

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  2. Inspiring — I am forever amazed at the industriousness of the women you profile in this blog. I cannot believe in the difference between M(EYE) Western World and the world of Africa I know only through my earliest contact when I spent the first year of of my life in Gabon.

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