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I won’t give up


“I applied to the university. While processing that, I had to get a job to keep me busy. Though I have a diploma in Public Administration over four years ago, I took a break because I had a child. Now the baby is of age and I have to go back to school. I have been applying to the university year after year. If it works out, I will go back to school.  And I won’t give up because that will be accepting failure. I really need to get back in school and earn a degree in Public Administration. I won’t stop there as I intend to get a Master’s in Public Administration or Business Administration.” #KanoNigeria


16 thoughts on “I won’t give up

  1. You’ll manage it, girl!
    I did that for 2 years and finally got a job later even though the payment was too little.
    But still, I was fortunate and very grateful that the least I can serve warm meals on the table for the kids and a roof on top of our heads.
    It was a couple of years later, (in between those time) that I applied for other jobs and finally got the one that I’ve always dream of.
    And now, my husband and I have our own ambulance firm for nearly 13 years now.

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      1. And just as I admire you greatly too, my dear friend. I always admire strong, creative, gentle and yet smart women. And as woman, we should support and protect, and be for each other.

        My mother taught me a lot of things in this life as to survive life itself and to never let any man to dominate you ever. She was lucky to have a husband like my father who is from the front to the back supporting her even if some efforts are failed. But from failure, we learn to make ourselves better, he said. He’s right, you know.


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