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Mis – take

Man is bound by nature to do things we afterwards wish we had done differently. They are called mis – takes. Some of us have truckload of them and the lucky ones have fewer that can fit in a small box. Beating ourselves down over and over again instead of allowing ourselves move ahead eats away into our future. It is time to do what you should have done right. But before that you need to forgive the past. Let it go.


10 thoughts on “Mis – take

  1. Try asking each night – out loud – to be forgiven as you’re falling asleep – for past “Mis – takes” (love this, msbukky!) known or unknown to you, and then even teeny ones, known or unknown to you this minute. For a couple months I’ve been practicing this and I sleep better and wake up with a light heart.

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  2. I heard a sermon by TD Jakes once where he said some things that people tell you to let go of are difficult. Its hard to just “let go.” Some things haunt you at night. Somethings you have to completely rebuild yourself from because you were almost completely destroyed. You’re an emotional embryo.

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