My Story

I became very popular


“As a young bride, I weave hair for women in the neighborhood. Then one of my female family members bought me a grinding machine. And I became very popular among our neighbors. Then my husband retired and we had to move outside the university campus and all the trade I did collapsed. I started doing house chores for families and nanny for a school. But the income was not sufficient and I had to leave Kano for Abuja in search of better opportunities. My husband refused at first but when everything became extremely difficult financially he allowed me. But I could not stay there as no one was looking after my children. Then a very kind woman, a nurse, got my present job for me. We knew each other when I was going to the hospital for ante natal. I started as a casual cleaner and now I have a contract. With this job, I have been able take care of my family and others. I lost my husband two years ago.” #Nigeria


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