My Story

Organizing orphanage outreaches


“I studied Medicine in Ukraine and earned a Master in Public Health from Hungary. I started organizing orphanage outreaches from my undergrad years when I was elected as the vice president of the Nigerian student association. I also joined the university’s volunteer association and went on to form the Nigerian students’ volunteer association. In my professional career, I have worked in places that had quite impact my career. My present work place impacts my career by giving me the opportunity to work in the aspect of maternal and newborn health (MNH). We support efforts of the Government to improve the health outcomes for mothers and newborns in Kano State by reducing maternal and neonatal mortality by 40%. I also started an NGO, Romeo and Zainab Boudib Foundation that is more known as ROMZAIB, which is in honor of the memory of my maternal grandparents. The NGO is a healthcare and educational organization that works to support community development, through educating and empowering women and the girl-child as well as increasing access to healthcare services and sustainable water supply in rural communities in Northern Nigeria. The approach to achieving these ambitious goals is through collaboration with and support of traditional leaders, government, educational institutions, civil society organizations, care-givers and the women (and girls) through multiple platforms.” #Nigeria




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