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My brother wanted me to be self sufficient


“I started working in 1994. I am an office cleaner. My brother got this job for me after my first marriage ended. He wanted me to be self sufficient and in his words “family members cannot give you everything you need. And someday we may get tired of giving you.” I was earning less than a thousand naira then. There are times I let my salary accumulate for three to four months before going to the bank to get it. Over the years, the salary has really improved. When I met my second husband, he wanted me to quit my job but I refused. He died in 2007. This job has greatly assisted me in raising my children. All my seven children are educated and my last child, a girl, is in secondary school.”


15 thoughts on “My brother wanted me to be self sufficient

  1. great to keep your job, even when remarried. Independence is such an important thing to have. And it teches your kids, too. How important it is, to earn a living. While it is hard at times, it is the only way to freedom.

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