To the world

The highlights of my life in 2015!

2015 is a good year (I have some hours left of it). And I can’t help but share personal details of my life.
I got my third nephew. I was a sole survivor in a fatal car accident. I became a freelance writer again…after a long break. I completed my post graduate studies and applied for another. I started this blog, met you all, read amazing posts and made a whole new loyal friends. I started writing a book. And, I learnt a few important lessons, the hard way I daresay, that will be very helpful tools in 2016.
I know you all had great moments in 2015 and look forward to 2016 with more anticipation (like I am). May 2016 birth us all happiness, harmony and love.
Happy New Year beautiful people!

My Story

I wanted to become a medical doctor


“I was attending primary school before my father stopped me in my primary four. The primary school was in a village that is far from ours. Now I fully attend Islamic school to learn Quranic recitations. I wanted to become a medical doctor before I left school. Now I will teach other women Quranic recitations after my graduation.” #KanoNigeria

My Story

Getting my daughters’ married


“This is where I make my beans cake every morning. I started long before I got married. That was years ago. And ever since I began, money has never been an issue for me. I give God all the glory because from making beans cake I have been able to cater for my children and family members’ needs over the years. I am grateful my husband did not stop me when he married me, it would have been difficult getting my daughters married. You know as the mother, I have to buy the kitchen utensils and pay for bridal care for my daughters.” #KanoNigeria


My Story

I won’t give up


“I applied to the university. While processing that, I had to get a job to keep me busy. Though I have a diploma in Public Administration over four years ago, I took a break because I had a child. Now the baby is of age and I have to go back to school. I have been applying to the university year after year. If it works out, I will go back to school.  And I won’t give up because that will be accepting failure. I really need to get back in school and earn a degree in Public Administration. I won’t stop there as I intend to get a Master’s in Public Administration or Business Administration.” #KanoNigeria

My Story

Without making money


“I had a sewing machine in the past. But people rarely sew clothes in the village except during Eid or wedding ceremonies. When it is neither, there is nothing to do and no money to make. So I sold the machine and started making groundnut cookies (kuli-kuli). But I was not making any profit, so I stopped and started making dan-wake. Making dan-wake has some profit and people eat it every day. If I stop making profit from it, I will start another business. Life is not easy without making money.” #KanoNigeria