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The usual bottom


2/2 “Immediately after my National Youth Service Corp, I got an offer with an International NGO. I simultaneously applied for Masters in International Affairs and Diplomacy in ABU Zaria, Kaduna. My job was in Kano but then required a lot of travelling across the northern states. I was always on the move partly for my job and partly for my studies. I never thought I could scale through but as an orphan I needed the job to fully support my education. My family has tried enough and I don’t want anyone telling me ‘hey it’s high time you shoulder your responsibilities.’ Prayers, support of my family and dedication to my goals kept me moving till the end. I was able to find balance and successfully complete the program within the scope of one year. I got three promotions in a male dominated, high tech oriented and very competitive working environment in less than 3yrs. Today, I’m the Governance and Compliance Officer in the project I’m working for. I feel I am on the right road with several positive exits, though still figuring out who I want to be while accepting destiny at every stop. My hidden inner passion wants to join politics, my more spontaneous personality is aiming towards Foreign Relations and sometimes  sole proprietorship. It’s a long road no doubt but life is all about taking risks, trying new things and believing in youself and that nothing in life is impossible because I know #IAmAWomanAndICan.” #Nigeria


7 thoughts on “The usual bottom

  1. I have a feeling we will bump into one another one of these days. I am in Kaduna and Abuja most days of the year. Who knows maybe if your around we can have a bloggers hangout! The Nigerian chapter! Lol. But back to your post. I admire what you have achieved. Registered my own NGO and haven’t started projects or fundraising yet, but maybe I can come to you for advice and pointers? Tried looking for the 9-5 and it hasn’t been working out for me. So I have decided to focus on running my NGO next year and doing other businesses. But I won’t mind the security the 9-5 provides.keep me in your prayers

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