My Story

The usual bottom





1/2 “My early learning stage was not glorious because my brain could not process. It became depressing for me and my mum, as we belong to a knowledge oriented family where not going to school is not an option. My immediate older sister was the intelligent, smart and outgoing type while I was more of the quiet, dull and shy type. Constantly getting compared to her was challenging. I was enrolled in private lessons all in the hope I could catch up but no. I got terrified whenever my mother told me to bring out my homework before going to bed because then I know the result would be hard spanking because I always get it wrong no matter how much we both try. My primary school days became the miracle. Suddenly everything became simpler and clearer. Before my first result came out, everyone expected nothing extraordinary or new, just the usual bottom in everything. But on the contrary – and ground breaking – I was the second best in the class! It continued that way but of course, not without struggles, determination, dedication and a lot of sacrifices. Fast-forward to when I graduated from the university. I was awarded the ‘Best All Round Graduating Student’ in the department of English Language and Literature. I was offered to lecture but I never had the passion to pursue a carrier in the academics.” #Nigeria


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