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I wrote JAMB four times


“I was very ill in 1996 and was admitted in the hospital for almost 3 months. It affected my education so much I had to go two classes back and start from primary 4. I hoped to get into tertiary institution after finishing my secondary school without hassle. Unfortunately that hope was dashed. I wrote JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board) exams four times and none of the result was good enough to get me into any tertiary institution. Four wasted years! My mates were through with their first degree while I was yet to start. But I keyed into the belief that it is not how far but how well. After the fourth time, I was advised to apply for a pre-degree program in Ladoke Akintola University which can get me admission into their degree program if I passed. It was a one year program. I applied, got in, passed and finally got into hundred levels. I started classes with high hopes even though I got into B. Sc Agricultural Engineering instead of B. Sc Food Science which I preferred. In the first semester of my 1st year I had 3.35. I was hoping my second semester result will raise my grades to 2.1 but instead it dropped to 3.3. I immediately stopped aiming for a 2.1 and focused on not dropping below 2.2. I switched to food science in my second year because my grades had not fallen below 3.0. My 200 and 300 levels my grades got worse. Then i made new set of friends that were really intelligent and challenged me. I worked extra hard in my 400 and 500 levels. I was so happy when i got my result after my finals that I made 2.1.” #Nigeria


14 thoughts on “I wrote JAMB four times

      1. Well, I came from quite a poor family and in one house we have 3 families living together until my father found a new job with earning four times better than he had for more than twenty-years before.

        I was 18 by the time my father and mother bought our house for the first time and finished with the whole renovations that took them nearly six years to finished.

        It took them more than half of their lifetime to earned the money for my college fees and I had like 3-4 jobs (plus the weekends). Never an easy time, but experiences are worth it to make one mature, getting wiser and learning to be a humble human being.

        And along the way to study, I walked life to the full.

        And yes, I love strong smart woman. You are one of them too! 😀

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