Make today amazing

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You are alive and you have today. Make today amazing! And do not forget making other people happy is a great start.


9 thoughts on “Make today amazing

      1. As far as I know practically everything. I suspect they are the more recent ones. She has never fully appreciated Me as a poet or artist and I’m not sure why. She herself is very talented in music, singing, writing, cooking, sailing, horse back riding, and much else. I praise Her all the time and she rarely seems to accept My Praise.

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      2. She seems a nice person and it is beyond me to know why she does not appreciate you. But I will tell you this, being a poet or an artist takes passion and courage. You are passionate and courageous, Joanna.


  1. I’m a chex mix addict too! I ca78;&21n#t even sample it …I lose control SO sweet that you got so many wonderful girls- heart blog world. THat mug is amazing. I’m with you on the hot showers- I never want to get out


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