To my younger self

Your mother

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“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” – David C. Gross

While she suckled you, smiled into your eyes and played with your tiny little fingers, you etched her face into your being. Singing you lullabies, rubbing your back and endlessly kissing your face to calm you every time you cried, made you fall in love with her. Before you knew what you wanted or could say it, you trusted her.  Now that you are a grown little girl, what changed, did you stop loving or trusting her? Or you just assumed she does not want you to grow up? Well here is the news flash, silly. She does want you to grow up. Not just grow up for growing up sake but grow up into a great being.

All the time, she made you go to bed early, made do your homework right, made you learn the psalms, made friends with your teachers during Parents Teachers Association meetings just to keep tabs on you, made you eat vegetables, stopped you from going to parties, stopped you from keeping too many friends, check your school bags for love letters, made you stitch your torn clothes, made you wash your undies, made you bath twice everyday when you rather do once *pauses to catch my breath*…I can go on and on. But everything she did and did not do, she did for love. The love of her child. You.

You may not get it now but before you do get it, endeavour to love her (which is the greatest of all commandments), respect her (nine months of gestation or the long years of nurturing you, is no joke) and finally know that karma is real (you will have children too someday). She is your mother and she has no replacement. You may find it hard to believe but someday you will become friends with her.


12 thoughts on “Your mother

  1. The thing I am most proud of as a grown-up is I finally like my mom. Love her, of course. But like her? Well, I had to wait 41 years to finally be mature enough to like her.

    Thanks for the great post.


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