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I wanted to study mechanical engineering


I wanted to study mechanical engineering but did not make chemistry in my West African Examination, so I was given an alternative to study mathematics. I was sad. It was not that I don’t like mathematics as a course but I was just thinking that after my graduation where would I work? You know this thinking in Nigeria, that when you study mathematics you end up a teacher. And I don’t see myself as one. But my mum encouraged me to accept the offer saying it will not stop me from getting to where I am destined to be. So I accepted the offer to study B.Sc Mathematics Science. A lot of other people tried to discourage me saying it is a man’s course and I may find it difficult to cope. But I told myself, bloody hell if a man can do it, why can’t i? Though I have to admit my first year was stressful and my CGPA was not good enough. I had to tell myself I am here for a reason and I have to accomplish it. I started solving mathematical problems constantly and I took the very difficult ones to either my lecturers or my friends in class. This greatly improved my grades in my second and third year. Right now, I am almost rounding up my last year in school. My favorite subjects are complex analysis and differential equations. I think given another chance at a first degree, mathematics will still be my choice.


7 thoughts on “I wanted to study mechanical engineering

  1. Great motivation. I remember how lost I was in my engineering maths class. Took me a while to get the hang of it. Congratulations and we’ll done.


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