My Story

I settled for fashion business


“I have had a thing for fashion for as long as I can remember. As a young teenager, I create fashion designs and take them to a tailor along with bits and pieces of materials I gathered. Then I gained admission to study Business Administration at Bayero University Kano in January 2007. All the lecturers were about motivating us to become entrepreneurs. In my third year, I decided to start buying and selling of female tops. My mum was kind enough to buy them for me whenever she travels to Lagos or Dubai. I graduated as the best female student in my class and was offered a lecturing job which I declined. I wanted to be an entrepreneur but needed to be sure of the business to pursue. It had to be something I have passion for. So after deliberating within myself, I settled for fashion business. My sister’s wedding helped kick start my business, as I was able to gather my capital from it. I used this money to shop for Abayas and veils during my trip to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. I came back and my friends bought all my goods. I made decent profit and was pleased I could make that much from home. I ploughed the money I made back into the business and included bridal fabrics and jewelry this time. The business grew and I decided to open a shop. The idea was to make ready to wear collections and sell fabrics but it was difficult to penetrate the market in Kano. So I decided to introduce a service business which was tailoring. I officially opened the shop in April 2013. Eighty percent of my market is outside Kano. My fashion house delivers dresses within Nigeria and outside, to countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Sudan.”



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