My Story

Why procrastinate if I have a task?


“I worked for five years in my first place of work. I started as an intern. The organization majored in resume development, how to prepare for an interview and the likes of trying to equip the new generation, which I was part of, on how to secure and keep a job. Because you know there is the work attitude and you have the attitude to work. My prior instinct of paying attention to details got me into the monitoring and evaluation department. My promotion had its perks and downside. My colleagues looked at me like I am trying to make them loss their jobs. Because I am doing my job and they are not doing theirs. How do you balance that? In doing my job, i will put their jobs at risk. And when I tried talking to them off the record, they felt I have no right to talk to them because they have worked longer than I have and God just favored me. Yes, God favored me but I also worked hard. If I have a task to complete, why procrastinate? That was a principle I learnt from my late father and it has helped me through life. “


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