To my younger self


What is love, little me? Believe me it is not “the butterflies you feel inside that makes you immune to reality” crap you are about to tell me! And please trash the idea of ending up with your first love, it did not happen (it happens mostly only in books).

Love is beyond the butterflies, physical attributes, material wealth, finesse, and of course the great sex. All these can only be toppings for the basic bit called love. Yes I call it basic because believe me it is. Love is built from trust, loyalty, honesty, respect and consistency unlike the fantasy you built your idea of love from.

Listen to me, one day, you will understand – because it is something you have to learn – that you need to be yourself and love yourself before you can truly experience love. So stop being miserable trying to earn the love that never was. Love is not earned! And from where I stand now, I know you will be glad it did not work out someday. You will also learn that love is not once in a lifetime like you have been made to believe.



Before the green light


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Are you restless? Applied for a job, school or anything else (and you are waiting)? Yes, welcome to the waiting phase. The yellow light can go on for what seems like forever and you just can’t do anything before the green light. Do not fret. It is actually a good phase as you can develop yourself or improve your skills in the process. So, what aspect of your life would you like to start with?

To the world

Happy Thanksgiving

“For each new morning with its light,  For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, For love and friends, For everything goodness Thy goodness sends.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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I am thankful for every little bit that has made my life beautiful and that includes everyone of my blogging family. You are an amazing bunch.

Happy Thanksgiving!


My Story

The usual bottom


2/2 “Immediately after my National Youth Service Corp, I got an offer with an International NGO. I simultaneously applied for Masters in International Affairs and Diplomacy in ABU Zaria, Kaduna. My job was in Kano but then required a lot of travelling across the northern states. I was always on the move partly for my job and partly for my studies. I never thought I could scale through but as an orphan I needed the job to fully support my education. My family has tried enough and I don’t want anyone telling me ‘hey it’s high time you shoulder your responsibilities.’ Prayers, support of my family and dedication to my goals kept me moving till the end. I was able to find balance and successfully complete the program within the scope of one year. I got three promotions in a male dominated, high tech oriented and very competitive working environment in less than 3yrs. Today, I’m the Governance and Compliance Officer in the project I’m working for. I feel I am on the right road with several positive exits, though still figuring out who I want to be while accepting destiny at every stop. My hidden inner passion wants to join politics, my more spontaneous personality is aiming towards Foreign Relations and sometimes  sole proprietorship. It’s a long road no doubt but life is all about taking risks, trying new things and believing in youself and that nothing in life is impossible because I know #IAmAWomanAndICan.” #Nigeria

My Story

The usual bottom





1/2 “My early learning stage was not glorious because my brain could not process. It became depressing for me and my mum, as we belong to a knowledge oriented family where not going to school is not an option. My immediate older sister was the intelligent, smart and outgoing type while I was more of the quiet, dull and shy type. Constantly getting compared to her was challenging. I was enrolled in private lessons all in the hope I could catch up but no. I got terrified whenever my mother told me to bring out my homework before going to bed because then I know the result would be hard spanking because I always get it wrong no matter how much we both try. My primary school days became the miracle. Suddenly everything became simpler and clearer. Before my first result came out, everyone expected nothing extraordinary or new, just the usual bottom in everything. But on the contrary – and ground breaking – I was the second best in the class! It continued that way but of course, not without struggles, determination, dedication and a lot of sacrifices. Fast-forward to when I graduated from the university. I was awarded the ‘Best All Round Graduating Student’ in the department of English Language and Literature. I was offered to lecture but I never had the passion to pursue a carrier in the academics.” #Nigeria