My Story

Cooking makes my day


I love food and cooking. Ten years ago, I started trying out recipes at home for my immediate family and I got compliments for my efforts. I played with the idea of cooking for commercial purpose in my mind. But immediately after my first degree, I got married. Being married, I encountered a lot of problems and somehow along the line forgot my dream. Though I was selling fabrics, jewelry and perfumes, it was not fulfilling for me. I have a thing for cakes and decided to learn how to make them. People find it demeaning when you want to go into commercial cooking or selling of food items. This gave me a hard time convincing my husband to allow me go to a culinary school. Finally, I found one and registered. But my marriage ended a week after and I had to leave Abuja. Back in Kano, I was depressed and did not know where to start from. Fortunately for me, my parents were supportive and stood by me. I decided to pick up my life because my parents had expectations and I had to live up to it. I found the best culinary school in Kano but their charge was extravagant. There and then I told my mum, who was there with me, that I’d rather go to a culinary school abroad than pay that much. My mother agreed with me. I traveled to Dubai and London to check for culinary schools. I found a suitable one in London and was lucky to have a very good teacher. She was patient with me as I was still vulnerable. She gave me books and I bought more books. I spent one month learning and she imparted so much on me. On coming back home, it crossed my mind people may reject my cake and I got scared. My mum placed the first order, then my sister’s fashion house and my friends followed suit. Their feedback encouraged me, so I started posting photos of their orders on social media, giving out hand flyers and complimentary cards and attending social gatherings. The rest is history.


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