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I nailed Calculus at my fifth try


When I was a student, the six hours drive from Kano to Maiduguri in Borno express was unbearable. Besides the heat, I had to put my legs up on a mountain of people’s luggage, endure farts and unending stares of rural travelers. Then I get to school and have to join endless queues for basically everything. The queue for course registrations are the most annoying as the lecturers often decide to close for the day only when I am next in line. In class, a lecturer may turn up at the end of the first hour of a two hours class to give a test he did not prepare us for. I failed calculus four times. I was frustrated. My single mother worked too hard to train myself and my siblings. And I did not want to disappoint her. I am glad she remained supportive and encouraged me. My friends on the other hand, mocked me over and over for repeating one same course. The fifth time I was going to write it, I got a part one medical student to tutor me. This time I nailed it. I survived calculus, advances from my lecturer and earned a degree in agricultural science.


One thought on “I nailed Calculus at my fifth try

  1. Well done sis,
    You are like a mirror in the shadow and you can make many women sees meaning in the future even when some among many women in the world today try to chase shadow inside darkness.
    You have to believe in your self before you can give somebody hope.
    Tomorrow ‘ll be a better day.
    All the best sis.


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